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Medieval Modernism at Dior Couture 2015


Hosted in a timeless and breathtaking conservatory in Paris, Creative Director, Raf Simons showcased his 2015 Couture show Paris Fashion Diorfor Dior. The scenery was a modern take on historic art and fashion. Props in the shapes of fruit placed on the runway as if plucked from a historic oil painting and rolled onto the violet catwalk. Inspiration taken from medieval times reflected into chain-like details acting as an accessory. Hints of Pointillist detailing was shown in the décor of the show – the angular window panes looked as if Dior took it’s own personal spin on classic stained glass.

Simons took this fairytale collection by the sleeves – reinventing sleeve lines with unique treatments. The standout pieces in this Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 10.45.50 AMcouture show? The coats were catching undivided attention from everyone in the audience. Simons stated that the design process behind the uncommon _A2X1637coat/cape silhouettes started with a square blanket into which a hole would be cut and sleeves afterwards attached. The contrasting of ethereal floor-length dresses of weightless materials and heavy coats showed a sense of sensuality and strength – keeping with the undertone of what Dior takes pride in creating.

Celebrity spotting at the Dior couture show: Grimes, Lupita N’yongo, Emily Blunt, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Chiara Ferragni.


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