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NICHE Review: ROMIELLE Fall 2014 Collection at Vancouver Fashion Week


The seats at the Vancouver Fashion Week Day 4 were filled. Designers and fashion fans alike were dressed in their Friday’s best. Fashion bloggers and buyers waited in anticipation for what was to come. Out front, everything was a façade of glamour. Lights waited and gleamed for the fashion and photographers had all hands on deck with shutters at the ready.  But backstage was a whole different story, especially for the debut collection for Romielle.

Anastacia Shorohov grew up in a house of a wedding gown designer and has been exposed to the fashion industry all her life. But what truly made her start her own line were her daughters and her mother. “I want my daughters to have a role model so they know that there is nothing in the world they can’t achieve” Anastacia added, “And my mom, Irina, which is also my business partner has worked hard all her life but never had the chance to show what she is capable of through garment creations. And now is the time.” So together with her mother’s skill in tailoring and her experience as a fashion designer, the first full Romielle Fall/Winter 2014 collection was born.

“Romielle’s Fall 2014 collection personifies modern elegance for today’s woman. Black and white… refined”

Tracey Drake, Editor in Chief, NICHE magazine

The black and white ensemble was a fashion of Le chic Paris meets urban sophistication, for leather was in full swing. From leather skirts and dresses complimented with leather gloves, one can say that this ready-to-wear collection was made for the strong, sexy and confident woman. Anastacia on her inspiration, “I really want to remind women that we are beautiful, we are sexy, we are confident and we should remember it. These are my main goals for this collection.” One piece in particular was a leather, sleeveless swing dress complimented with a silk collar and tie which exemplifies and celebrates the strong, modern woman. The bold use of tweed playing against the delicate silks provided a definitive feminine touch as well as the collection’s flattering silhouettes and its artful seduction. The last look seemed to be an ode to her mother’s prowess in bridal couture – a luxurious long white bridal gown made of silk and finished with a bodice detailed with lace and sequins that gave it a vintage feel.

Nerves turned to smiles after the runway show. But after the many photo ops and interviews, there was only one thing on Anastacia’s mind, “I am excited to create more but I do need a break to spend some time with my kids.” And what can we expect next season? “It’s going to be a secret to keep you wanting more.”

About the lineRomielle is a boutique-style clothing line specializing in couture for women who possess sophisticated taste and appreciation for quality. The designs combine vintage as well as contemporary elements, which together form something truly unique. The Canadian based label is created by the ambitious and talented mother and daughter duo, European designers, Anastacia and Irina Shorohov.

Interviews were conducted by NICHE magazine’s Jr. Fashion Assistant Josie Saldat and Fashion Intern Gracie Welch.


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