Armani Hotel Dubai

Dubai is the city that proved that anything is possible with a bit of imagination, some science and a lot of money. The sandy city, located on the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates, is where dreamers go to give their wildest

ideas life. Among the major Dubai players is famed fashion designer Georgio Armani, who made his hotelier debut in the spectacular city.Armani Hotel Dubai

Offering visitors an unprecedented Arabian experience is the Armani Hotel Dubai, designed in collaboration by Georgio Armani and leading developer Emaar Properties PJSC. Together the team has built a remarkable new benchmark in the city.

The property is a superb reflection of the designer’s exquisite clothing line, reeking of sophistication and luxury. It truly has the air of one of Armani’s impeccable suit collections. Armani personally designed all aspects of the hotel from services, menus, amenities, tailored furnishings and a selection of very exclusive boutiques. Touches of Armani’s elegance and signature style can be seen in a variety of precious materials and chic finishes.

Armani believes that travel is a deeply emotional journey, thus the Armani Hotel Dubai partners every guest with a Lifestyle Manager who acts as a personal host from the moment they make a reservation to the time they check out and occasionally beyond.


  1. Dine at one of the hotels eight restaurants and gaze over the overwhelming views of Downtown Dubai
  2. Experience one of Armani’s three exclusive retail outlets: Armani/Galleria, the only place in Dubai where the Giorgio Armani/Privé collection is show cased. Armani/Dolci, a spectacular confectionary store. Armani/Fiori, a floral boutique offering the finest fresh flowers and exclusively designed vases by Giorgio Armani.
  3. Indulge at the Armani/SPA, offering fully customized sensory experiences
  4. Walk to The Dubai Mall, the world’s most elaborate shopping and entertainment destination. Watch the Dubai Fountain, the world’s tallest performing fountain.

By: Chelsea Forman NICHE Magazine Inspiration Issue 2013


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