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How Loungewear Transformed Into Luxury Clothing


When you think of luxury clothing, you probably imagine high-quality fabrics cut into glamorous, red-carpet-worthy pieces. While that’s still the case to a certain extent, the idea of luxury clothing has somewhat transformed in recent years. So, just how did a two-piece tracksuit make its way from living rooms to awards shows? Here’s a look into how loungewear transformed into luxury clothing:

Who Started It?

The phenomenon of the style dubbed ‘sleepleisure’ was highly influenced by celebrities. Ever since the ‘#iwokeuplikethis’ campaign was born on Instagram; the world hasn’t looked back. Celebrities and fashion influencers have adopted this for themselves, with stars like Rihanna and Virgil Abloh leading the way in comfy yet fashionable clothing. What once was clothing suitable for in the home only has now flipped upside-down to become high-fashion wear.

Loungewear Collaborations For Pyjama Dressing

Though many designers have already created collections based on the growing obsessed with luxury loungewear, some have also decided to collaborate with streetwear and loungewear brands. The most popular include Champion and Vetements, Louis Vuitton and Supreme. These brands may be considered more streetwear, but the line between streetwear and loungewear has become increasingly thin.

What’s more, ‘pyjama dressing’ has turned into a major trend. With typical two-piece pyjamas and nightgowns frequently being worn as legitimate daywear. There’s nothing embarrassing about being photographed in a dressing gown, in fact, it’s actually the height of fashion.

Don’t just consider luxury loungewear to be the style of clothing, the luxury is also reflected in the materials. From cashmere tracksuits to silk hoodies, loungewear has taken inspiration from the very best designers and made it into something brand new.

Society Is Changing

An interesting theory as to why loungewear has become so big is to do with social media. Perhaps innerwear has turned into outerwear because what we do inside is no longer private. Thanks to image sharing platforms like Instagram and Tumblr, we’ve all been exposed to an insight into other people’s lives – including their wardrobe. It’s suddenly become more acceptable to wear your womens sleepwear for all to see.

We’ve seen similar changes in luxury athletic wear. Leggings have almost taken over jeans as casual daywear thanks to the growing interest in sportswear. Pair with an oversized branded jumper and leather backpack, and you’ve got a high-fashion luxury look on your hands.

The Future Of Loungewear

As it stands, the only way is up for luxury loungewear. The idea that you can get dressed for the day in the same outfit that you can lounge around the house in has gained mass appeal. This sudden surge in luxury loungewear means you can now gather a wardrobe full of comfortable basic pieces to rival any of your going out party dresses. Luxury is no longer about glamorous evening wear, but about how comfortable your clothes are, including the fit and the materials. The future looks bright for the luxury loungewear market until the next biggest trend swoops in, that is.


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