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5 Perks of Being a VIP Casino Player


To be a high roller casino player certainly has a price. It is not easy to become one, as you need to have great experience in casino games as well as a big fat wallet, but it also has its perks. This goes for both land-based casino and online casino high rollers. If you want to find out what perks does the status high roller earns you, keep reading.

The Right to Special Bonuses

Any high roller gets the right to receive special bonuses. This is due to the casino owner’s necessity to keep high rollers active and playing the longest possible. That is why they give them specially designed bonus offers to make them grateful and keep them engaged. For instance, they would get bonus matches, free spins, place on a private table, drinks and dinner vouchers in a land-based casino etc.

Access to Exclusive Games

This is the advantage brick-and-mortar casino players get. When a casino recognizes a high roller (and a high roller is not difficult to be noticed), they do whatever it takes to make them stay in there. So, they would reserve them a special place on an exclusive, high-stakes table or a newly launched game. It goes without saying that drinks are included.

Tickets to Big Events

If, say, a high roller plays in Las Vegas and a big event is scheduled in the city, the casino would grant invite-only tickets to the player, making them feel special. These tickets can be for theatre shows, music star concerts, sports games etc. Spoiling their VIP players and their friends or family members is the casino owners’ mission, so they treat them with drinks, transportation and all that is necessary for them to feel appreciated.

No Limitations on Deposit and Withdrawals

Usually, online casinos, as well as land-based ones, put a limit on how much a player can deposit or withdraw in one single day. When you’re a high roller, there are no limits for you. As a VIP player, you’re allowed to deposit as much as you want and withdraw all of your winnings even though you may have crossed the limit of an average casino player. If you need a list of the best high limit casinos have a look at casinobet.com.

A Personal Manager/Host

VIP players in any prestigious casino would get a personal manager or host that would make sure they have a smooth play and relaxed stay. You get a royal treatment and you get a person that will attend to your needs day and night, for as long as you stay in the casino. In brick-and-mortar casinos, things go to that extent that you can ask the personal host to book you a hotel or a flight ticket, make a reservation in your name in the most expensive restaurant, etc. Sounds awesome, right? Well, believe it or not, you have paid for all those services one way or another – the house always wins, so no matter how much you think you’ve won, you’ve left enough to cover for your personal assistant’s services.


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