Canadian Style Icon JP Michaels Posting “Styling Judy with JP” Videos


Style icon and chef d’Equipe JP Michaels has new videos to help you step up your fashion sense and lift your style this winter. The new program, produced on Instagram and YouTube, is called “Styling Judy with JP.”

The new series of vogue videos display the brilliant fashion mind of JP Michaels as he showcases various outfits and styling tips while dressing up his favourite “Judy.” Every styling session highlights a different tailored outfit, from winter wear to oriental flair.

The posts showcase unique styles and trends, including what to wear in special situations and how to bring out your inner stylist. The Instagram posts are perfect for looking up a style quickly and giving you unique outfit ideas. For those who are looking to gain a better understanding of fashion trends and style, the YouTube videos break down the concepts and ideas behind them.

Michaels is always engaging with his followers and explaining fashion trends through these posts, as he believes fashion has the power to engage and connect people.  With spring and summer slowly approaching, the opportunities for switching up looks and outfits are endless.

Michaels wants to guide each person through these posts to help achieve their style. The videos reflect his personality and fashion to help everyone achieve their fashion goals, moving forward.

In the words of Michaels, the videos are, “Where the faithfully fashionable come to learn, but without faith in yourself, you don’t have a chance to heaven, and without style, you don’t have a chance in hell.”


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