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Versatile, Bold Bombers: Mash City’s Fall Collection is Art Turned Clothing


Fall is that time of year when the air gets cooler, the holidays are around the corner, and love is in the air. We’re entering a cozy, jubilant season where we all need a little extra fluffy layer to keep us warm.

An ode to the urban life of Downtown Los Angeles, Mash City’s new collection of bomber jackets are hip, comfortable, and can be worn anywhere in the world. Designed in different materials ranging from breathable satin, suitable for warmer climates, to a velvet quilted texture, ideal for cooler climates, these bombers can be dressed up or dressed down.

Every city has its own vibe and style. Mash City is located in the heart of Downtown LA where street style is blooming and inspiration is everywhere — from the Arts District to a bustling nightlife. To keep that culture alive, these bombers are a perfect fit for the art company, where clothes just happen to be its medium. Big City Dreams collection stems from this ideation, where we open our eyes and take in what is beneath the smog.

Founder Haleh Mashian, who describes her personal style as eclectic and bold, has always appreciated fashion. “It serves as a window of opportunity to express oneself in an authentic way,” she says.

Her fashion line followed the development of Mash Gallery, when she realized clothing could provide a supplemental form of artistic expression. Personality shines through what we wear, and immersing ourselves in color leaves us feeling confident and inspired. Perhaps this expression of beauty, both inwardly and outwardly, is a statement to know not to take life too seriously.

“I have done a series of paintings exploring the themes of ephemeral beauty and how beauty is subjective,” Mashian shares. “Fashion is analogous to that idea where everyone has their own sense of style, taste, flavor, and they are able to express that through color and clothes.”

The versatility, the boldness, and the material make her new collection uniquely special. An artist in all forms, Mashian describes her creative process: “Aside from material, I also need to get into a certain zone both emotionally, physically, and spiritually in order to deliver and create a series that is cohesive yet unique from one another.”

Her creative process starts with an idea or a vision, and then the journey begins. “My philosophy is to trust the process, let the creativity unfold, and envelop yourself in the process of applying paint and material and not stay too attached to the outcome,” she says.

For Mashian, living artfully is what it’s all about. “I believe art doesn’t need to be confined to the walls, but to be expressed in all forms; where people can not only look at art, but wear and utilize it on a daily basis.”

She’s not-so-secretly hoping someone gets a Mash City bomber put on their shoulders this season. The chances of that are pretty good.

Looking ahead, Mash City will become more than just a fashion label. Always seeking to be recognizable, the brand incorporates Mash Gallery’s curation strategies into its clothing. Mashian’s goal is to expand and incorporate more couture items, with a thematic collection that branches out to furniture and household goods. Explaining her vision: “If I wanted to drop a collection of my Tree series paintings, I want that design to be implemented not only in clothes but all across the board including furniture and accessories.”

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