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4 Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Practical

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Every home needs a bathroom, and most people quickly get used to whichever is most familiar. However, plenty of these bathrooms could be improved massively by focusing on their practicality and making sensible changes. These are four straightforward ways you can give your bathroom a practical makeover.

1. Make the Most of the Space You Have

Making the most of your available space might initially sound like cramming as much into your bathroom as possible. On the contrary, it is about responding to the space appropriately and using it smartly. If you don’t have much room, be more deliberate about what needs to be in the bathroom and use streamlined storage. Larger bathrooms can afford to give up more space for additional features like free-standing furniture, but make sure that each piece earns its place by being of specific use to you in the bathroom as opposed to somewhere else in your home. The position of fixtures will also either improve or distract from the bathroom’s practicality. Where you hang mirrors and shelves will dictate how you stand while brushing your teeth, just as having somewhere close to the shower for your towel makes your bathing routine more seamless.

2. Install Only Necessary Storage

Although good storage options are useful in a bathroom, having too many can lead to over-filling the space with items that don’t need to be there. Instead, concentrate on finding storage for bathroom essentials like toiletries, towels, and toothbrushes. Free-standing or built-in storage can change the look and layout of the space, so be mindful of your decisions. Since many objects in a bathroom get damp, it’s also important to have plenty of space and storage for items that need to dry. Some toiletries need to be kept at certain temperatures or out of direct sunlight to retain full efficacy.

3. Address Functional Issues

When something goes wrong in the bathroom, it can seem disastrous. Burst pipes, leaky taps, and clogged drains can all make your bathroom feel like it barely functions. You might be tempted to try and fix the problem yourself, but plumbing is a job best left to the experts. By searching for a plumber near me, you will find tradespeople who can perform a professional job. You will be able to enjoy a much more practical bathroom once a specialist has repaired any pre-existing functional issues. A practical bathroom is one that, as a bare minimum, operates as expected.

4. Look Out for the Details

Sometimes it is the finer details that make a difference to the overall practicality of a bathroom. For example, a simple feature like a soft-close toilet seat can significantly improve how the space is experienced. Taps that are easy to grip even with wet hands, conveniently-placed towel rails, and a comfortable supply of toilet paper all add up to make a bathroom feel much more welcoming and practical.

There are plenty more tips for making a bathroom practical, but hopefully, these have given you a good start.


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