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Your Checklist for Choosing New Windows

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When you consider it, your home’s windows perform a surprising number of jobs. If the day comes when you realize that they aren’t living up to any of these tasks in a way that you find adequate, then it is time to get a replacement. To be sure, you’ll need a checklist to consider each job a window should perform.

When to Buy New Windows?

Before you decide to replace all of the windows in your home, you might want to do a few quick checks to determine whether your windows are in good shape or not. Of course, you can always get an expert opinion by contacting local specialists at window installation. For example, if you live in lower Ontario, Toronto windows specialists can tell you whether your windows are in poor shape and install a new model in your home if needed.

In the meantime, if you want to look for sure signs that your windows aren’t up to the task of keeping out the cold this winter, you can go over the following checks:

Cold Drafts

One sure sign that your windows are not performing up to their ideal capacity is if you are constantly feeling cold air wafting through your home. On any cold day, all you need to do is move closer to your window to see if the temperature drops dramatically in that area. If you feel a draft carrying that cold air, then it is likely you have a leak and require an upgrade.

Visible Holes or Gaps

While you’re feeling for cold air, you can also take a closer look at the surfaces of your windows, especially around their frames and around the material that creates a seal. If you see any visible gaps, put your hand close to feel for coldness in that area. Any time there are spaces around your windows that allow heat to escape, it means you’re overdue for new windows.


While some condensation on your windows is normal, constant condensation that won’t go away should not occur. When condensation gets trapped between the two panes of glass that make up your window, it is difficult to get rid of. In such cases, a pleasant view can be permanently obscured. This situation is almost always the sign of a poor installation and requires a complete window replacement to correct.


Every homeowner understands that there’s almost no aspect of the home that only performs one function. If you’ve recently renovated your home or just changed the interior décor and your current windows no longer seem to fit the style of your home, you can always upgrade to a version you prefer. If you do, keep in mind that every time you buy new windows, you have an opportunity to choose an energy-efficient option that can help to lower your power bill.

The winter season is coming up. Talk to a professional window manufacturer and retailer today to get help choosing a new set of windows to keep your home warm.


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