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Is Twitch the Hottest Destination for Beauty Gurus These Days?


Twitch is the biggest platform in the world for live video game streaming. It is commonly used for broadcasting esports competitions, allowing people to watch their favourite professional gamers go head-to-head in epic tournaments. However, Twitch has recently broadened its horizons, hoping to appeal to larger audiences outside of the gaming community. The live streaming platform can now be used for music concerts, creative content, and vlogging.

Over the past couple of years, a particularly interesting Twitch phenomenon has emerged. Beauty gurus are now using the service as a new way to televise their content, increasing their online outreach, and reinventing the beauty vlogger genre as we know it. This has brought about the question – is Twitch now the hottest destination for beauty gurus these days? We’re going to be discussing this topic in our article today. Keep reading to find out more information about this emerging trend in live streaming!

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Transitioning From YouTube

The beauty guru phenomenon first began on the online video sharing and social media platform YouTube. People would upload content where they discussed or demonstrated using various cosmetics, fashion, nail art, or hair-styling products. Each month, 50 million people watch beauty videos on YouTube. However, in recent years, beauty vloggers have started to fall out of favour. Controversies have flurried around them, and viewers are becoming more disillusioned with the veneer of perfection on social media. Modern audiences want to see more realistic portrayals of beauty gurus – people who they can genuinely relate to. This is where Twitch comes in. As it is a live streaming platform, content creators have no time for edits or retakes. Audiences see an unfiltered version of their favourite beauty gurus, making this a more appealing way to consume beauty-related content.

New Style of Influencing

The nature of live streaming on Twitch means that beauty gurus can only show up as their most authentic, true selves. While some do try to maintain a façade, this doesn’t last very long, as Twitch streams can go on for several hours at a time. This has brought about a new style of influencing. Rather than showing their viewers a highly cultivated and polished version of themselves, Twitch beauty gurus are much more laid back, choosing an intimate approach. They use their platform to directly connect with the community and discuss important issues beyond beauty. Given the recent outcry for realistic beauty standards, Twitch seems like the perfect platform to pioneer this movement.

Roots in Video Gaming

Twitch does have a reputation for being predominately a video game streaming platform. Resultantly, most beauty gurus on the service also have a background in gaming. They participate in everything from esports competitions to live card games on websites like GGPoker.com. In the past, there has been a dichotomy between beauty and gaming, mainly fuelled by misogyny and toxic masculinity. Beauty gurus on Twitch are breaking down these barriers, encouraging people to embrace all facets of their personality.

Unconventional Beauty Practices

Alongside the standard content we would expect from most beauty gurus, Twitch vloggers are also livestreaming them putting together some more unconventional looks. Cosplaying, bodypainting, and special effects makeup are all the rage at the moment. Anybody interested in these niches would find themselves right at home with the Twitch beauty community. This live streaming platform is helping to expand the concept of beauty, encouraging artistic expression as opposed to physical perfection.

Twitch is slowly becoming the hottest destination for beauty gurus on the internet. The authentic nature of live streaming is helping to break down unrealistic beauty standards, while promoting creative expression and allowing people to embrace all aspects of their personality.


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