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A Close Encounter of the Best Kind

Olsenhaus Spring 2013 Collection

A couple of weeks ago NICHE Creative Director, Leia Vik and I were putting the finishing touches on our Get the Look: Fashion Edition Spring 2013 piece (it is stunning!) and were in need of the perfect pair of shoes to complete the look.  We found the ones we NEEDED to have at Vshoen Boutique in Victoria – a pair of pumps by Olsenhaus.

Olsenhaus produces high fashion, super luxurious, one hundred percent vegan items that have put the brand on the map (and several celebrities’ feet) as a voice for animals and the environment.  The company has a serious set of beliefs when it comes to ethical and social responsibilities.

Elizabeth Olsen – founder of Olsenhaus – is everything that’s right with the world.  Bold statement I know, but honestly she’s one of those ‘one in a million’ people who give you a bit of optimism about society.  And I don’t mean someone who makes you smile and have a good day – I mean one of those people who make you want to completely re-evaluate all of your morals and do some serious soul searching.

As an avid animal and fashion lover you can probably guess that I am totally and completely, head over heels for Elizabeth Olsen and her wonderful Olsenhaus.

To save a bit of time on our Get the Look: Fashion article I decided to contact Olsenhaus directly and see if I could get an image of the pump.  After browsing their website I couldn’t find a phone number, only an email address. Being the persistent Associate Editor that I am, I delved a bit deeper into the cyber world to see if I could find a number.  I dug up a PDF document online and some tiny font tucked neatly in the footer caught my eye, a phone number.

I took a swig of coffee, grabbed the phone and punched in the digits.

I sat tapping my toes to some tunes Leia had on and twirled a pencil around waiting patiently while the phone rang.  I gave up waiting for a person and was expecting a machine when I heard a subtle click.

“Hello?” It was a lady’s voice.

“Hi – I’m sorry I think I may have the wrong number.  I’m looking for Olsenhaus?” I said sitting up in my chair.

“Oh…this is Elizabeth Olsen.”

SWEAR it happened.

I actually got bashful and started to blush.  I’ve blushed once in my life and it was when I was three and accidently tucked the back of my skirt into my nylons after using the bathroom at preschool and a boy made fun of me (I dropped out the next day, whole other story).

Anyways, I immediately jumped up and started pacing anxiously as I told Elizabeth (I can call her that because we talked for like a minute on the phone) what a pleasure it was to speak directly to her and explained what shoe I was looking for to put in our article.  We featured a gorgeous Olsenhaus bootie in the premiere issue of NICHE so she was familiar with the publication, which saved me having to stutter out anymore words than necessary.  She was lovely and said she would send the image that evening.

I hung up and turned to Leia who was staring at me like I had completely lost my mind.

It had happened. I doubted that it ever would in my life. But I finally understood what it meant to be star struck.  And who better to be struck by than Elizabeth Olsen?



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