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When Good Makeup Goes Bad


eye3Spring cleaning isnt just for your closet! It may also be time to clean out your makeup case…

I know for a fact there are a lot of bad girls out there – in regards to makeup of course.  It’s time to get into some good habits and start understanding what’s really going on in some of your not so up to date makeup bags.

Unfortunately makeup doesn’t have the shelf life that most of us like to believe it does, especially if you are using any natural cosmetics. Traditionally the makeup Best Before Date goes as follows…

mascara: three months MAXIMUM from the day you open the tube. If at any time in the three months you do find you have an eye infection toss the mascara instantly & begin using a new product once your infection has cleared.

eye2lipstick: one year at most.

concealer & foundation: range of 6 months to one year.

There are some things you can be taught while others might be general knowledge…

  1. If a product is changing colour, texture or consistency, TOSS IT.
  2. Wash your makeup brushes at best every week with brush cleaner. It is shocking how quickly bacteria can grow and spread. We don’t need this on our face so keep it clean girls, although, I know we are all applying to create a little something cheeky.


SARA ROSE – NICHE Beauty Columnist


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