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Style Therapy – Begin the Day as a Minimalist


Invision this… a wonderful West Coast summer filled with sumptuous sunshine and evening patio gatherings. Put it out there and it will come. I’m not too sure about everyone’s personal style struggles, but why when indulging in a day out, do we find it necessary to go home and turn our closet inside out to change? Sometimes there just isn’t time. The summer fun must go on! There are ways to prep and pack for such days. I’m here to assist in making sure there’s never that feeling of being the odd (wo)man out!

Let less be more and let your glowing summer skin do the talking. Jumpsuits and maxi dresses are the simplest way of looking effortlessly chic this season, all the while making it seem as though you’ve put time and thought into your wardrobe. Who can resist?

As day fades into evening, and you are the eternal urban girl on the go, there are a ton of simple additions to your minimalism that have maximum impact for minimal effort. Tuck in a few simple evening must-haves and — just like that — you are a quick-change artist! You can certify yourself as the female Clark Kent now.

Layering doesn’t have to end with winter. Pair a light cardigan, pashmina, denim jacket or print blazer with your daytime wardrobe and let the good times roll. This one little step ensures you are office-appropriate during the day, and you have stylish coverage when the sun goes down. Need a next-level option? A silk or satin kimono, brightly coloured or perfectly patterned, is the big story this season.

Don’t miss out on the moments that matter this summer. Make every minute count, and look darned good doing so.

must-haves in your bag:

1. Makeup bag:lipstick, mascara, bronzer, bobby pins and hair ties

2. Change of shoes
3. Hat
4. Mouthwash or breath mints
5. Statement earrings or necklace

By Sara Rose inside the 2014 summer issue


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