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Beauty [re]Marks : No Slide Guide, Summertime Woes


Now that our essential sun is shining, brightening everyone’s attitudes and releasing this glorious source of natural vitamin D, let’s come to an understanding about the sun. We can begin by realizing that the sun will most certainly bring out an overzealous skin shine…but don’t let that deter your summer euphoria. And always remember – there is a difference between a good healthy glisten and looking like a bit of a hot oily mess.

DO NOT’s, WANT NOT’s, & DO DO’s: 

Do Not pack on the powder. When you pack on more and more powder, to cover your mid-day oily sheen, you are in fact creating a caked on (aging) affect – this will create the opposite of what the glorious sun is providing us…a glistening glow. The heavier the application the more exaggerated our fine lines become (WANT NOT). Powder application is simply used to set a foundation application, not to soak up oil.

Do make use of oil-controlling blotting pads. Blotting pads may be a funny thought for you, as they are for some, BuT they are in fact a highly affective item. Blotting pads work by instantly absorbing excess oil and shine all while leaving your skin feeling refreshed. With a number of companies in the market providing this item, search around your local department counter for the one that’s right for you. Look for pads that will remove excess oil, but won’t disturb your natural oils or makeup.

Do Not begin washing your face more. Washing your face more may make you feel refreshed, but it also contributes to oil production, that in turn, brings back that dirty feeling. A terrible cycle that you don’t want to get yourself caught in.

Do use “those cream products”. You know, those cream blushes and shadows you purchase in hopes that you’ll one day use…today is the day! These lovely little items are great for keeping a refreshed look, without weighing down your makeup. Apply either product with a sponge applicator and blend out, or even use your CLEAN little fingertips. To ensure product longevity, blend a colour compatible powder (eye shadow or blush) over top.

Not meaning to seem like an army sergeant, but there is just so much to cover! Now is the prime time to discuss primers, which are essential for your summer base and a must for all of our daily routines. Stay with me a minute – this one is important! Primers can be found for all regions of the face, in numerous brands, colours and specifications. If you want to keep your makeup from sliding, a good primer is critical. Facial primers are much like a paint primer, with your face being the canvas that needs preparation. The main purpose of primer is to provide a smooth surface to begin your makeup application, all while maintaining your makeup throughout the day – yes, even in the smoldering sun! Hello summer time perfection!

RECOMMENDED : Primer application is much like applying a moisturizer (a little dab will do you) and keep it gentle, no need to rub in vigorously. Getting specific: take primer to the next level with an eye specific primer, beneficial in keeping away those frustrating creases. Again, apply an eyelid primer with your CLEAN fingertips or applicator, let dry than carry on with your makeup application. Don’t go running around using any old primer with any type of foundation, make the best of it and review your ingredients, likes attract likes. For your water-based foundation find a water-based primer. This will ensure that you are taking full advantage of every step of this new summertime routine!

Finding time to carry through with this no slide summer guide might be a tough one for some – wake up a few minutes early and make the time, and find relief from those terrible afternoon oily woes.

Primer ALL STARS: MAC prep + prime, Dior Skinflash, Laura Mercier foundation primer.

 By: Sara Rose NICHE Magazine Summer issue 2013


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