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Beauty reMARKS – Put Down the Tweezers


Eyebrows can be tedious to shape, painful to pluck and down right frustrating to deal with. Alas, they still have to be tended too… but thankfully, for the new trend that can be seen

sauntering sidewalks and striding down runways, bold brows are eyebrowsa saving grace requiring minimal maintenance. (Note: this by no means allows the growth of bush woman brows!)

Makeup artists and models alike have taken to enhancing their feminine eye-framing features by increasing the size and colour — a shape popularized by Audrey Hepburn. But, these bold brows might not be for everyone, which is why there are tips, tricks and techniques that will lead to perfecting a more complicated shape.


…and let the professionals step in. Pencil thin is not in, so start growing your brows out, while making sure you are plucking the stragglers. {A straggler refers to any hair that might be unnecessary}. There is the central “no grow zone” which is between your eyes, where no woman, or man really, should be ok with hair growth. Therefore, growing out these marvelous face framers, and getting them threaded or waxed by a professional, will assist in your finding that ideal arch and beginning a future shaping regimen.

Retrieve the nearest straight object (a makeup brush works perfectly) and begin the shaping process. Place the “object” vertically against the nose – this is where the brow should begin. Next align the “object” with the end of the nose and the outer portion of the pupil (when looking straight ahead) — this is where the ideal arch should be. Finally, place the “object” to align with the nose and the end of the eye – this is where the ideal brow should end. Hair may not grow in all areas, don’t fret, makeup is our friend and there are several products available to fill in those patches.

With tweezers back in hand and a vision for your perfect brow, finding the ideal product for filling in is a MUST!

P O W D E R : Whether you make use of an eyebrow specific powder or a matte eye shadow, this product should be applied with a firm, angular brush. Powders provide a softer look. When the desired shape is fulfilled, glide over the top of the brow with either clear mascara or an eyebrow specific wax product.

P E N C I L : For some, this product may make for easier application. Pencils can be used with light small strokes to create a natural eyebrow, or with more pressure to create a deep, defined eyebrow.

Settle in at a cozy mirror and begin filling. Nothing too thick, but nothing too thin, play goldy locks on these little loves. Fill in the desired shape with your chosen product. Proceed with a spool brush to comb the hairs in an upward motion, then in the direction of hair growth, to provide volume and definition. Move along by slowly beginning the tweezing process underneath the brow. Avoid plucking the upper region, as this brings down the brow instead of lifting the shape. Remember to step back periodically from the mirror during the plucking process, vision can get skewed with such concentration. Go back and fill in any sparse areas or depth desired with your chosen product. If you’re after a BOLD brow: brunettes — find a colour that is a shade lighter than your hair and blondes — find a colour or so darker… not avant-garde black… unless that’s your thing.

V O I L A : Now, follow through with the exact same regiment to the other brow.

Eyebrows are what frame the eyes, which are the pièce de résistance of your look. Being able to upkeep these bold beauties is a simple task, make use of the new found knowledge and discover happy shaping.

By: Sara Rose – NICHE Magazine Fall 2013


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