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Clean up your act with products that support vibrant, healthy skin—and a healthy lifestyle.


When you’re active and spend a lot of time outdoors, you put your facial skin directly into the path of harsh environments like sun, wind, rain, cold, and pollution. And the effort you exert translates into everything from sweating to squinting—and while it feels good, it shows up as signs of aging.

To be at our best, we tend to focus on the things we eat with great detail (buy organic! Avoid GMOs like a D-list celebrity at a party!) but when it comes to what we’re slathering on our skin, we tend to assume it can handle whatever we apply to it. But many products are loaded with synthetically-derived fragrances (which can translate into irritants) to make the experience seem more indulgent, while others are packed with unnecessary fillers that provide no real benefit to your skin or your body. When you’re working as hard as you are, filler is the furthest thing you need to help you reach your goals. Because nature is vital to supporting an active lifestyle, the formulas are mindfully made with only clean, healthy-for-you ingredients.

Which is how Vital Facecare was born. The team (Andrew Polzl, Jamie King, Phil Sywash), couldn’t find a brand of high-performance facecare products made up of clean ingredients that also supported the active lifestyle they subscribe to. So they decided to make one.

“Trying our best to lead healthy, active lives, we didn’t feel good about putting chemicals on our face,” says co-founder Andrew Polzl. “We couldn’t find alternatives that we truly loved, so we took action and teamed up with experts to make our own.”

“These products are designed for people on the move. People who aren’t looking to add steps to a long face care regime, but people who take care of themselves and want the best for their skin, and get on with it,” says Polzl.

Vital Facecare isn’t about flattery, fancy chemicals, or fluffy words. It is about high-performing products formulated with natural ingredients (and nothing else). These products are designed to easily be tossed into backpacks and gym bags.

To further enforce the natural and hard-working ethos behind our brand, Vital Facecare decided that the faces of the brand shouldn’t be supermodels. Instead, the brand chose to work with role models that embody a healthy lifestyle, and shared positive attitudes. They also happen to be Canadian champions—NBD!


  • Kelsey Serwa – Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist in Ski Cross (Learn more here).
  • Erin Rafuse – North American Champion, Canadian Champion, CORK OCR Champion in sailing (Learn more here).

“I’m thrilled to be an athlete ambassador for this Canadian company,” says Kelsey Serwa. “I strongly believe in putting my name behind a strong brand that shares the same values as I do.”


Some of nature’s most effective ingredients are the base ingredients to all of Vital Products, including:

  • BAMBOO CHARCOAL POWDER: This brilliant ingredient functions like a micro vacuum that gently suctions every little bit of debris that builds up on skin, from pollution to oil and makeup. Think of it as a regular cleanser, but with highly-efficient and effective ingredients.
  • BEE PROPOLIS: this incredible ingredient slays bacteria while acting as the ultimate anti-inflammatory agent. Reducing inflammation is crucial for getting that covetable, younger-looking skin.
  • PLANT-BASED HYALURONIC ACID: The most crucial ingredient for replenishing skin with lost water. It plumps up skin in a flash – like a fresh, refreshing drink of water for your skin.

Suck It Up – Bamboo Charcoal Pore Refining Cleanser
Primed And Ready – Vitamin C all-in-One Toner
Keep ‘Em Guessing – Peptide Face and Neck Firming Lotion
Look Lively – Advanced Firming Eye Cream
Take Your Time – Bio-cell Wrinkle Defense

Currently, Vital Facecare products can be purchased at www.vitalfacecare.com.

The brand is working on pop-up shops and community activations across Canada, and is in discussions with European distributors with hopes of entering the European market.

“We’re extremely excited about the things we have planned for the upcoming year. With new products, local activities and distribution in Europe coming, you could say we’re just getting warmed up.” Says Polzl.


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