As we transition into fall this month, it is imperative that we also transition our skincare routines as well–especially as we approach colder temperatures. Cold weather is tough on the skin. Cold temperatures and low humidity levels result in dry air that draws moisture away from the skin. Fortunately, HydroPeptide’s got you covered with their new “Summer Detox Kit”! 

Revamp Your Skincare Regimen This Fall

Be sure to brighten up your facial skincare this fall with HydroPeptide’s new Revamp Your Regimen Set! The kit includes 4 products packed with antioxidants, skin-renewing acids, and pre- and probiotics. Each product is specially designed to boost your skin’s environmental defenses, increase cell turnover, maximize radiance and replenish hydration. The Hydraflora Essence will balance the skin’s defensive microflora with pre- and probiotics. The Radiance Mask will provide a twice a week boost of brightness while working to firm fine lines and wrinkles over time. The 5 gentle acids within the 5X Power Peel pads will accelerate cell turnover for smoother, softer skin. The Firma-Bright 20% Vitamin C Booster blends perfectly with any moisturizer to increase radiance and aid in collagen production. Incorporate them seamlessly into your routine for instantly brighter, more even skin tone and a gorgeous show-stopping glow. 


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