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Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D

  1. STUNNING VOLUME +10.1%*
    Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D coats every single lash from root to tip, to thicken each one from the first brushstroke.  But that’s not all. Thanks to the Lash Boosting Complex with lash care benefits, lashes are stronger and thicker, day after day.
  1. ENDLESS LENGHT +5.6%*
    Its texture envelops lashes to give an instant lengthening effect. Plus, the Lash Boosting Complex also provides an action on lash length, with regular application. Lashes are longer, day after day.
    Nobody likes lash curlers. Well, fortunately for us, thanks to the combination of 3 plant waxes, including rose wax, Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D coats lashes with a lightweight film to create a flawlessly perfect curl.
    No lash is left behind thanks to Clarins exclusive brush which separates and coats every lash, one by one. It super-supple fibres perfectly and gently grip lashes, coating them with an even, optimal amount of its formula concentrated in 100% mineral pigments.

Available in 2 shades: 01 perfect black & 02 perfect brown

* Clinical study – Evaluation of the lash care effect on bare lashes – 25 women – 4 weeks


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