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How To Achieve Perfect Hair For Your Costume This Halloween!


Spice up this year’s costume with Curlsmith’s Hair Makeup Styling Gel for a temporary wash-off hair color with a vibrant pop of color!


  • Temporary color and styling gel all in one
  • Free of dyes! Similar to makeup, the color sits on top of the hair shaft, giving you temporary color with zero hair damage
  • Easy to apply after your regular wash routine
  • Works on all hair colors, even very dark hair!
  • Rinses out in just one wash without staining hair — even if it is grey or bleached
  • Can be applied on wet hair for a more natural, uniform look or on dry hair for more vibrant pops of color

Key Ingredients

  • Provides strong hold, so you don’t need to apply another styler
  • The gel will create a crunchy cast while drying, which can be more or less strong depending on how much product you apply
  • Once fully dry, the color is transfer-resistant
  • Doesn’t stain clothes or skin, it can be washed out easily with water and a gentle cleanser
  • Mix different colors together to create custom shades
  • Designed for all curls and texture types, but can also work on straight hair!

Use any of these radiant, damage-free colors to elevate your costume and match your hairstyle to your desired character.

Curlsmith’s temporary Hair Makeup Styling Gels will help you achieve this season’s most sensational Halloween looks! Whether your hair is loosely wavy, tightly coiled or straight, this hair gel works perfectly for all types.

Available at curlsmith.com, and online and in stores at Ulta Beauty and ulta.com


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