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How My Hair Survived Fashion Week


In early September, I was getting ready for Fashion Week. I knew that there would be a lot of photographers, press and media (aside from NICHE magazine) and I’m not always comfortable with impromptu photo sessions. I mean, let’s be honest – I am not even close to being a twenty-something, size two, supermodel anymore. Not that I ever was!

Covering all bases, I made a list.

Wardrobe was taken care of, thanks to my walk-in closet and the help of Donna at Hughes Clothing who provided me with several outfits to wear including a fabulous Sarah Pacini full length velvet riding coat that I still daydream about.

My face and hands were ready too. Symone at Heaven the Spa on the Rock gave me yet another perfect Gelish manicure, a fabulous HydraFacial (which I am addicted to) and refilled my eyelash extensions to make sure my lashes always outshine the wrinkles around my eyes!

My hair was next on the checklist. Thanks to my job, my hair takes a beating. It is always being coloured, blown dry, flat ironed, teased, curled and washed; all of which left me with a head of brittle, lifeless and tired looking hair.

True story. Looking for a quick solution, I personally contacted Donna at Fish Hair Salon and told her my problem and asked for help. She was very excited to tell me about this new product line that the salon had just got in, called Purely Perfect. I believe she told me that it was the biggest breakthrough in hair since the invention of colour. Hmmm… I needed to do something and I was willing to try anything, so I booked the appointment and crossed my fingers.

The first Purely Perfect treatment took nearly four hours, but admittedly, there was some great conversation with my funny and fabulous stylist Antonia that may have lengthened the process a tad. The appointment involved washing my hair with the Cleansing Crème, blow drying to seal in the product, applying Foundation Crème and using the heat of the flat iron to meticulously deep seal the treatment into every strand of hair on my head.

I was instructed not to wash my hair for 48 hours, and come back after Fashion Week for a follow-up session. I purchased the kit of products which included a large pump bottle of the Cleansing Crème, and smaller bottles of the Foundation Crème and Styling Crème (you only need a pea size amount of these two so they seemingly last forever).

I love this product and what it did for my hair! I really could go on and on about Purely Perfect but suffice to say – it saved my hair. The brittleness and frizzy hair is gone! The dull and uneven colour has been replaced with sheen and lustre. What remains is ‘new hair’ that looks much younger than my years (and yep, I am a grandmother); hair that bounces and shines and doesn’t look like I ever touch it with a blow dryer or flat iron.

What you see: In the first session, other than trimming a very small amount of extremely damaged hair off the very ends, Antonia did NOT give me a haircut. So the photos from fashion week are just the Purely Perfect product working its magic!

Learning curve: The cleansing crème (aka shampoo) doesn’t lather, so I used too much product the first few times I washed; you really only need 2-3 pumps for a whole head of hair. No lather is a good thing! What this experience taught me is that the foam and lathering is caused by detergents that dry out and damage your hair over time.

Takeaway: I absolutely wash my hair less now (and I have an oily scalp). As a matter of fact, I can now go three days and still have great looking hair. I never, ever have to use conditioner anymore, so although these products cost more, I am sure I save money in the long run on how many products I purchase and use, and of course, the elimination of other expensive salon treatments. Fish is the only salon that offers the Purely Perfect treatment or the product line locally. By the way, if you cannot afford the full treatment, it’s worth saving for and in the meantime, you can purchase the Cleansing Crème and still make a difference in how healthy your hair looks and feels.

So, there you have it. A short story about a revolutionary product called Purely Perfect that saved my hair for Fashion Week. The photographs speak for themselves, none of which were retouched (before or after). By the way, did I mention that I volunteered to write this article because I was so impressed with Purely Perfect? This is my official endorsement:

“I am in the business of glossy editorials, beautiful pages and advertisements. On any given day, I receive a dozen emails asking me to review a new product or service for inclusion in NICHE magazine. Quite frankly, some are interesting and most are ‘more of the same’. It isn’t every day that a product surprises me. Purely Perfect gave me ‘new hair’ and that is surprising.” Tracey Drake, Editor in Chief, NICHE magazine

My special thanks to Donna and Antonia at FISH HAIR SALON who are beyond excited about this hair care breakthrough – and for good reason.

READER BONUS: Go back to the Facebook post about this article, type in FISH HAIR SALON in the comment section, and you will be automatically entered to win a $60 gift card from the salon! Winner will be chosen on Thursday October 24th.


  1. I tried committing to Purely Perfect for a whole month and not use anything else. It’s been a month of bad hair days with the occasional surprising day of fluffier hair. I have med-long (couples inches past shoulders) very easy to manage, wash & go, fine hair with a slight wave to it. The kind of hair that actually looks great when it’s humid out, no complaints except I felt it was getting a bit dry and I definitely have to wash it every day.

    I tried every way to use Purely Perfect; anywhere from 1-4 pumps, leaving it on for a long term vs. washing it out right away, cold water vs. hot water, working it in a lot vs. not working it in at all, washing everyday vs. every other, air drying vs. detangling right away while wet etc….it just leaves me with pretty oily roots no matter how I used it and I have to use dry shampoo on the roots right when it dries. Hair will feel soft, easy to detangle, straight & very flat. I noticed a decrease in volume. It is great as a once in a while deep condition but not for a daily ‘wash’ of any sort. I really hoped this could replace my regular routine but it just can’t and I gave it a full 30 days.


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