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Here’s How to Travel and Study at the Same Time


Anybody under the age of twenty-five has probably been told plenty of times that it’s best to travel as much as you can when you are young. And, it’s true – travelling to as many parts of the world as you can, or perhaps even living, working or studying in another country for a period of time can help you to develop as a person, improve your confidence and social skills, and teach you a whole range of awesome life skills that you can use throughout your life, for example learning a new language. But, what do you do when your prime traveling years are also the best years to study and expand your education? We’ve got the low-down on the best ways to study and travel at the same time, meaning you’re not missing out on either of these essential life experiences.

Online Study

One of the most amazing things about studying online is that you can do it from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. When you sign up to do an online degree, whether it be in healthcare law, business studies, IT or anything else, you’ll be in charge of your own study schedule and the majority of your learning will be done completely online. Since all you need to do is switch on your laptop and connect to the internet, you can take your education with you to anywhere in the world!

Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is one of the best ways to get a higher education and experience life in another country at the same time. There are various ways in which you can study abroad, whether it be for a short exchange program as part of your degree course at home, or whether you would prefer to enroll on a complete degree course which you’ll study entirely in another country. Depending on the country and school which you choose, you will need to pay various tuition fees at international student rates. Travelling and studying by earning a degree from a university or college overseas is a fantastic way to do both as you’ll not only be able to get a great qualification, but you’ll be there long enough to develop close friendships and fully immerse yourself in the culture.

Exchange Programs

Student exchange programs are usually the most popular way of getting some traveling in whilst you’re studying for your degree, and are available for a range of course subjects, including international health law and policy, for example. Many schools offer student exchange programs, which offer students the opportunity to complete a semester or even a year of their degree at a school overseas. You will usually be living with a host family in the country of your choice, or you may be able to get a room in student accommodation on campus. Which countries you can visit and schools you can study at will depend on your specific school or course. Usually, you’ll start planning your exchange program well in advance, so if you’re considering doing this, it’s a good idea to get started now.

There’s no need to choose between travel or study, thanks to all the great options for doing both!


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