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The Clarendon Trading Company (TCTC) is a company that features gently used designer garments at a reasonable price. As our Mission, we strive to engage in social consciousness with an underlying environmental ethic. While we are a for profit company, we have established alternative payment methods for individuals requiring assistance, through our Two4One system. This method allows individuals to trade in two items in return for one of our quality garments. TCTC then keeps one of the pieces, and donates the other to Youth Employment Services (YES) a non-for-profit we work in collaboration with.

Our main objective is to lessen some of the inequalities faced by disadvantaged groups. By providing alternative payment methods we hope this will allow individuals to tap into areas they have previously been excluded from. We do not only mean in reference to the market of purchasing quality garments. But we think in terms of the potential to create a better degree of financial security this system may provide. In addition to this, TCTC also seeks to provide alternative resources that users may access. Our affiliation with YES allows users to tap into additional services that have the potential to benefit them, and as well as their communities.

Clarendon Trading Company MISSION:

Today we live in a world of mass production, over use and waste. Worldwide resources are diminishing at an astoundingly fast rate, and little is being done to help lessen the damaging impacts of overuse. As mass production seems to be growing at an exponential rate, and consumerism is on a rise. The gap between the rich and the poor in many economically sound countries continues to increase. No longer are the faces of poverty limited to the developing parts of the world. Mass poverty and inequalities can be seen in what many like to call the ‘developed’ world’. Yet many in these countries are struggling to develop their personal aspirations, let alone survive.


The Clarendon Trading Company (TCTC) seeks to mediate some of these challenges through the reuse and recycling of quality materials. Through respect and care for our environment we also seek to empower the personal autonomy of the individual as keepers of not only our Earth, but their destiny and the legacy they wish to impart on the world.


TCTC identifies with taking pride in one’s own personal appearance and the power of confidence that it has the ability to inspire. TCTC seeks to allow individuals to utilize the power of personal autonomy to reach success in any endeavour they choose, without pressures and constraints of high prices. The aftermath of this power has an ability to have a very profound effect. Which is one that should be available to all, the rich, poor and the indifferent. With this as one of our key fundamentals TCTC works hard to keep the prices of our quality garments reasonable and affordable for as many as possible.



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