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I think that each of us has a lonely space in our home. You know… the room that sits there collecting, dust and overflow clutter from the rest of the house; the space that is screaming out to be brought back to life. It might be a spare bedroom that is never used. It might be a den or a second living space that serves no functional purpose in your everyday life. How about the sunroom on the back of your house that has become one of those rooms that you are just ‘passing through’?

Perhaps it is time to shake things up and redecorate that unloved space in your home? Sometimes all you need is an idea, a purpose and a little inspiration. That’s where NICHE comes in…


Just like anything else in life, it is difficult to get going on a project if you are not motivated. With personal fashion, we are often motivated to spruce up our wardrobe because of seasonal trends and by seeing what other people are wearing. Personal fashion is a very public affair. On the other hand, home fashion is a much more personal affair, and because others don’t always see those forgotten rooms, we are left uninspired. The internet, magazines and furniture stores are a great place to find inspiration. Discover what you like, what you want and embrace the aspirations you have for your home.

Now – move! Take a long, slow tour of your own home. As you move from room to room, be mindful of how you use each room, whether it is doing its job and could it be used for something else – something better. Take along your cell phone or digital camera – take pictures of what you see in each room. Take along a pad and pen – take notes of what you feel in each room.


If you are like me, you probably find it fascinating that because a floor plan states that ‘this’ space is a dining room, that it must be used for that function forever and ever. Why? Culturally, we don’t dine formally any longer so in many homes, that eating space sits alone – rarely used. A sunroom is often an underutilized space in a home because of the sun and its removed location, but what could be more wonderful than waking up to the brilliant light of Mother Nature each morning?

As you continue to move through your home, keep your eyes and your mind wide open. There may be a better place for the home office; perhaps you could turn your dining room into a playroom for your growing brood and what about creating an inspiring private master retreat in that unused sunroom?


Despite what you read in magazines and see on television, there truly are no hard and fast rules about how you decorate a space in your home. Yes, there is questionable taste. I will give you that and sure, there are interior design rules that certainly do work when it comes to symmetry, balance, and space planning. However, if you want to break the rules – go ahead! Create an inspiring place that speaks to your lifestyle and your personality.

Twenty years ago, no interior designer would have created an entire room in vibrant turquoise blue and vivid tangerine orange. Today, it is one of the most trending colour combinations in home fashion. Hot pink and lipstick red; baby blue and chocolate brown; rich eggplant and bright yellow – all great and unexpected colour pairings.

If you recall in our Design Perspectives article in issue 2 [Playful Décor], we talked about the importance of layering and not being afraid of using different patterns to really bring a room to life. Patterned fabrics and the bold use of colour have a huge impact on a room. Luckily, fabric and paint don’t have to last a lifetime so if you make a boo-boo, get tired of a pattern or want to change your look seasonally, it is very easy to do. Just look around you and be inspired!

By: Sylvia Day – NICHE Magazine Inspiration issue 2013



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