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Diamonds are an interesting proposition. For every person, in every nation, diamonds have a distinctiveness that reaches far beyond their glorious physical being. Diamonds draw on the emotions of humans, for as long as they have been in existence they have been used to signify the finer things in life; love, marriage, glamour, new beginnings, memories. Their rarity and individual significance make them our most emotionally profound treasure. Diamonds will forever be regarded as the world’s most timeless beauties, and their sophistication promises to inspire in one way or another.

Tiffany & Co.
Beauty Personified
American glamour evolved by the light of Tiffany diamonds. From the opulent gilded age to the jazz age that transformed fashion and culture, and from nightclubs to a whirl of black-tie balls, Tiffany & Co. gave each new era its style and brilliance – Tiffany Blue Book, Preview 2013

Rare Investment – Colourful Gems

Diamonds are gaining momentum as a secure investment opportunity, with the finest stones appreciating wealth with age, just like a fine wine. Canadian company, Rare Investment specializes in high end, investment quality diamonds. Renowned for a spectacular range of natural fancy coloured diamonds, they have acquired an impressive selection of stones from all over the world – perfect for an investment or simply a superb gift for your beloved.


Celebrity jewellery designer Mark Lash describes what diamonds mean to him: “Throughout my career I have always enjoyed working with diamonds as they are precious and signify luxury…most importantly they signify love.” Lash points out the current trend of pink and yellow diamonds and their regarded place in fashion this season. His personal favourite design? A cushion cut diamond with micro-set diamonds around the centre diamond of the ring and along the band. The ring makes a statement yet remains elegant and understated.



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