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Chanel Spring 2014 Couture: Lagerfeld swaps stilettos for sneakers!


Karl Lagerfeld has impressed us once again with his Chanel Spring 2014 Haute Couture collection. It felt as if his mindset was fixed on empowering a younger generation giving them confidence with a sense of the traditional chic Chanel esthetic. Set in the extravagant elegance of the Grand Palais, models pranced and jogged down the grand couture staircases with a lightness of youthful ambition.

Classic Chanel pieces were twisted with the sporty ambience the fashion house infuses. Haute Couture brings a fairytale like essence to the runway with handcrafted one-of-a-kind pieces created with hours of labour by artisans from all over the globe. Lagerfeld juxtaposed lavishly detailed garments with kneepads and sneakers designed by Massaro to match the pastel palette.

Models strut the runway in mid-length dresses with an interpreted 1920’s vibe and cinched waist tweed sets that were reinvented versions of traditional Chanel. With miniscule sequin embellishments, delicate floral embellishments and weightless ostrich feathers it seemed as if the sneakers tied together the modern Chanel Couture in a perfect harmony. Chanel made a definite statement, their infamous Paris fashion house is committed to the future of fashion.



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