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Welcome to the Gallery of Chanel S/S 2014


If Karl Lagerfeld’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection taught us anything, it is that there is an artist in all of us.

The Grand Palais in Paris was transformed into a gallery for Chanel’s S/S 2014 runway show.  CHA_1042.450x675He had the walls covered in his own works. Not painted or sculpted by Karl himself though, he was the designer not only  for the catwalk show but also the artworks. These pieces were inspired by the Chanel brand, paintings of camellias and pearls, and also large sculpted bottles of Chanel No. 5 were abundant throughout the space.

The show started off with the typical Chanel tweed suits, or what looked like them. However, at a closer look they were deconstructed and reconstructed, as if they were imitating art processes like collages. These did not compare to the pieces that ended the show though.

On a completely different note, were the pieces that resembled hand painted paint chips. The brushstrokes were everywhere, from a top layered underneath a jacket, to fully painted dresses. After viewing multiple of these colourful, almost rainbow like pieces, it seemed as though Karl was inspired by hand painted pantone colour charts.

Not only were the pieces painted, but the accessories as well. Continuing on his art meets fashion theme, Karl sent some of the models down the runway with portfolios under their arms. Perhaps he wanted us to envision them as artists who had worked on the pieces in the Chanel art gallery, or that they had painted the clothing themselves.   Not only were they carrying portfolios but also painted Chanel purses, and some were even holding spray painted backpacks.

The entire show from the Grand Palais set up as a gallery space, to the painted dresses and bags, even to the makeup on the models was art inspired. Perhaps Karl Lagerfeld was commenting on the art market or maybe he wanted to show how art and fashion go hand in hand. Either way, his creativity and humour showed through in all facets of the show.


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