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Fall Must Have Pieces All In One Collection – Zimmermann F/W 2014


Fall fashion, the season of essential pieces that carry you throughout the months of mixed weather. Living on the west coast it’s important to find garments that reflect where we live and are not only fashionable, but functional815b746b912b07d2d49bd6b6660e8d35 as well. The two main pieces that come to mind are coats and boots. A long coat is the perfect piece to invest in with your splurge for the season. Ankle or knee boots pair impeccably with fall attire creating the overall chic essence. When looking for fall inspiration we have turned to Australian fashion label Zimmermann’s abff7606e637c923191bcfb55a4fb00afall/winter 2014 collection which reflects everything one could want in their closet, plus more.

Creative Director, Nicky Zimmermann found a perfect balance of structure and clean lines which meets airy femininity. Finding inspiration in a freewheeling picture of her parents in the 1950’s, Zimmermann took down ideas which collaborated with beatnik and teddy girl vibes.

As their second time showing in New York, Zimmermann once again showcased their intricate and well-constructed techniques with a modern tough-girl attitude.


Texture was the utmost standout feature in this cohesive collection bridging a continuity between silks and organza 234c49d1a727c93d304bee3296b1db22and cozy knits of angora and mohair. Stunning suiting in sleek plaid and boxy jacket silhouettes paired with bolo ties around the poise models necks.

From the long houndstooth coat to the perfect holiday party dress, Zimmermann demonstrated that this collection indeed consisted of must-have pieces for the modern woman.  One stand out piece, a long mohair vest in aqua. Zimmermann, known for sophisticated femininity, pushed the boundaries with texture and colour this season making it a must have on our fall fashion list.


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