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Prada Spring 2013


Miuccia Prada explored the poetic side of women in her Spring/Summer 2013.

It was evident that “girl power” and Japanese traditional fashion had a major influence in Prada designs. The collection starts with modern manipulated Japanese garments in a dark colour palate and eventually lightens to a Sakura pink. Cherry blossom or “Sakura” crafty florals were hand sewn as well as appliqued, creating a light spring breeze to the looks.

From feminine natural-waist silhouettes to short mod styled hair, the collection was a perfect mix of groovy 60’s and traditional Japanese fashion.

Prada plays with structural and draping techniques and takes her own artful spin on Obi belts, Kimono wraps, Tabi socks, Okobo platforms and Hanfu gowns. By using satin throughout the collection it was almost as if Prada created a soft visual Haiku.


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