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Heart City Apparel – A Street Wear Label That Gives Back to Your City!


What started as two young entrepreneurs starting a clothing company in Montréal that gives back to the homeless, has quickly spread into the spotlight. Heart City Apparel consists of founders Matt Dajer and D’Arcy Williams collaborating on creating fashion forward street wear with the cities art work printed on garments. A true pairing of apparel by artists for their cities with every 1412292589374purchase giving back to the homeless. Heart City Apparel purchases the design from the artist and then gives 10% back of sales to them and to a homeless organization in their city of residence. Printed and made in Montréal , Canada, the garments are 100% US Organic Cotton and guarantee that you will not only be comfortable in your new item, but also about the foundation you will be supporting.


Popping up in numerous cities around the world, Heart City Apparel is constantly working on getting international artists on board to gain exposure on their company that gives back. Each item purchased comes with information on the designer and the homeless shelter as well as a handwritten thank you note. Making each item very personal.

From a place of frustration for the homeless in Montréal and for street wear labels that stamp their logos onto plain garments reaming in profits where their customers are simply advertising their brand, Heart City Apparel set out to change the game.

To check out more information, shop and view partner organizations visit their website at : www.heartcityapparel.com or Twitter and Instagram at @HeartCityApparel


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