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La Dolce Vita: The Italian Way of Dressing


The way an outfit is put together differs from one person to the next. Perhaps the garments are painstakingly chosen the night before or maybe the look is confidently thrown together the morning of. No matter the style or the process, no one puts an outfit together quite like an Italian.

“Elegance is not about standing out, but being remembered.” –Giorgio Armani

Paris, London, New York and Milan are the major fashion capitals of the world, or so the two fashion weeks that happen every year tells us. Whatever style inspires you, the fashion capital that has it all is Milan, Italy.

Undoubtedly, it is due in large to the Italian way of dressing; the beauty in the way an Italian woman gets ready in the morning or the way an Italian man always pulls together the perfect look. Italians definitely do it better.

Gloria Bombarda from “Borsa di Mary Poppins” (Mary Poppins bag) lives close to Bologna and has a passion for fashion. She believes her blog represents the modern woman and through her very edgy looks she expresses this. She’s a regular at Milan Fashion Week and feels that one cannot always conform to trends; you have to express yourself through your own looks.

borsadimarypoppins.com with photography by Mathias Borghi, Valeria Cavallari, and Giulia Govoni.

“A woman without her handbag feels as lost as wanderer in the desert.” – Anita Daniel

Marco Taddei from “Simply Mr. T” is the writer of a men’s blog where the style of a gentleman is his main focus. Being inspired by his father’s way of dressing when he was young, made him realize how important it was to put an outfit together properly. His passion lies in a more up-to-date version of gentlemen’s dressing, specifically through the perfect accessories and layering: jackets, ties and shoes.

simplymrt.com with photography by Giacomo Mario Perotti.

As a boy I observed my father with great curiosity: I watched him knot his tie between one sip of coffee and another, place his coat over his shoulders before leaving home, briefcase in hand and a newspaper tucked under his arm” – Marco Taddei

Scan the streets of Italy and the glamour of Italians becomes immediately evident. From the north of Italy, with their art for layering, to the south of Italy and its sunshine, Italians (men and women) believe fashion is one of the most important factors to their culture.

Street style is documented more and more now, as it not only inspires the rest of the world but fashion designers too.   With this comes the popularity of fashion blogs. Whether they document their own fashion as street style, or capture other bloggers and fashionistas alike, blogs go hand in hand with street style.

As fashion is so important to the Italian way of life, their blog scene has continued to grow. From documenting their own fashion sense and tastes to photographing fashion weeks, street style and events, their voices can be heard not only across Italy but the fashion world as a whole.

Alessia from “Chili is Cool” is a student who chases her dreams by traveling and documenting these travels and her fashion on her style blog. Her blonde hair, very unique for many Italians, makes her stand out. She not only focuses on fashion on her blog but also her love of and hobby in burlesque dancing, beauty, travel and shopping secrets.

thechilicool.com with photography by Airone.

Riccardo from “Guy Overboard” is the writer of a men’s fashion blog based in Rome. He has a very unique style, incorporating a punk edge to each outfit. He focuses on the men’s urban and street style. By including distinctive accessories to his outfits, his style stands out to many. As men’s blogs are gaining popularity, his style influences many, especially those in Italy with a strong and edgy style. guyoverboard.com with photography by Giacinto Mozzetta. (giacintomozzeta.com)

Sandra Bacci from “Smiling is Chic” is a math teacher and fashion blogger. Her photographer Giorgio Leone captures her personality through his photography. She is not your stereotypical fashion blogger; she has a funny and ironic side to her style. She has a serious love of diverse hats and likes original and accessible clothing. Her style is experimental and you can see this through her different styles on her blogs. Although she is a math teacher she began this blog to express her love of fashion. smilingischic.com with photography by Giorgio Leone

“I believe I am a simple person.” –Sandra Bacci

Dario Venuti from “Fashion Seducer” is also a student who studies both art and fashion. His blog comprises mostly of his personal style and outfits as well as his fashion point of view. In the fashion world, bloggers can be very important and he hopes to show his creative side through his style.

fashionseducer.com with photography by Dario Venuti.

Cami and Marci from “Pailettes and Champagne” are sisters who have a passion for fashion, food and travel. Their lifestyle and fashion blog is a view into their lives as sisters who both believe fashion in Italy is an important way of expressing their culture. They often attend Milan Fashion week and many other fashion events throughout Italy.

paillettesandchampagne.com with photography by Camilla Boglione and Greta Miliani.

Ludovica from “Candy and Style” is a fashion and beauty blogger. She is from the island of Sardinia of the coast of Italy, and her summery and laid back style display this. Although she studied law at university, her passion will always be with fashion and beauty.

lilliness.blogspot.ca photography by Ludovica.

Chiara Biasi from “Chiara Biasi” is a fashion blogger from Milan. She has always had a curiosity towards art and fashion, as well as traveling. She loves music, film and food as well. Her blog focuses on her day-to-day life, from her outfits to her travels. She shoots her outfits in many settings, including her own home, giving her readers a personal view into her life.


Giorgio Schimmenti from “George Fashion Dreamworld” is a Sicilian fashion blogger living in Italy. He is also a fashion editor with guest appearances in Vogue Italia and many other magazines. His focus for his blog is on street style, photographing people outside fashion shows, as well as teaching people how to dress and for what occasion.

georgefashiondreamworld.blogspot.ca photography by Giorgio Schimmenti.

These ten blogs show the difference in fashion across Italy. From edgy to unique, they are some of the most important fashion influencers of the moment. Italians, known for many things, from culture to food, will always be known for their fashion sense. The Italian way of dressing is like no other, with a major emphasis on layers and accessories. When leaving the house they instinctively reach for a chic pair of sunglasses or the perfect jacket, no matter the season and always, a fashionable handbag.








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