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HANRO Spring/Summer 2020 Collection – GOLDEN HOUR


Scorching hot sun, infinite terrain, and sand dunes created by the wind shape the desert’s landscape. The sand is raked in a wavy and artistic way. Guided by the sun, light and shadows are in constant interaction. The light that radiates during the golden hour – early in the morning after the sun has come up, and in the evening just before sundown – is unparalleled and almost magical. The wind constantly sorts the grains of sand anew, makes them dance, and wipes out any footprints. A glittering, verdant oasis in the golden sandy desert is a revitalizing escape from the arid landscape that surrounds it.

The Rub’ al-Khali, one of the largest sand deserts in the world, serves as an impressive backdrop for the HANRO Spring/Summer 2020 campaign. The colors and prints of the collection harmonize perfectly with the surroundings. Materials like cotton, linen, cupro, and lyocell meet handmade airy weaves and structured materials. Inspired by the sand and earth tones of the desert and the light of the sun, the colors range from beige and terracotta to yellow, red, and blue. Accents of fresh colors like pink, grapefruit, purple, and shades of green reflect an exotic oasis. The prints mirror the beautiful natural scenery. Caftans and loose-cut pants are reminiscent of Bedouin garments.

GOLDEN HOUR – the new HANRO Spring/Summer 2020 collection in the impressive light show of the desert.


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