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Bid Adieu to Those Red Carpet Woes


Think you must wear a full length ball gown on the red carpet? Think again… cocktail length is making a big comeback!

Red carpets are disconcerting to the red carpet newbie.  When we think about red carpets most of us generally draw on thoughts of the more elaborate years at Cannes and the Kodak Theatre, but times have changed! In particular, 2013 has seen major movement in the trends of red carpet savvy.

Red carpets should be embraced.  Put personal comfort and more importantly personal style first, there’s no other way to be confident under so many eyes if you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing.  Red carpets do not mean tuxedos and cupcake gowns.  Now more than ever cocktail length dresses and suits are being celebrated by celbs and the who’s-who of fabulous on carpets all over the world.

As there is variety in life, there is variety on the carpet – part of what makes them so superb and such fun to gawk at. There is no mandate for wear on the red carpet, there is mandate for personality! Invert? Embrace that shy side with a cool black sweetheart dress and a casual low pony.  Extrovert? (Like me) shake it up with bright colours, prints and trains. And sorry gents, suits are NOT just for you anymore – women in pant suits can be especially dazzling with the red underfoot.

So bid adieu to all of your frets and sleepless nights about ‘what to wear’ on the red carpet. Just stick to what you know – YOU, and you will be a ray of confidence on the carpet.

Tickets are still available for the NICHE Inspiration Ball on Saturday at The Fairmont Empress Hotel. So – get a ticket, support two GREAT charities, grab your special cocktail dress and rock the red carpet with us!


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