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Fashionable Cocktails Anyone? #LOCALlibation


IMG_5943We were on the Victoria waterfront this week, enjoying the city views and sipping cocktails from the new patio at LURE in the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe. One was so good that we just had to share!

On the LURE menu (and pictured right): ‘Summer Squeeze’ Sangria features a local Gewürztraminer from Kelowna’s Caloba Vineyard, infused with muddled fresh peaches, strawberries and lemon and finished off with a splash of Peach Schnapps and ginger ale. The perfect patio beverage on a hot summer day.

Speaking of summer cocktails, inside our summer issue – Libation expert Stuart Brown tells readers a little about the “Tiki Cocktail culture” including two fabulously local drink recipes!

Read Stuart’s Article TIME TO CHILL OUT in our NICHE digital edition which includes the following recipes:

‘Peach and Daisy’ cocktail from Little Jumbo

‘Queen Formosa’ cocktail from Clive’s Classic Lounge



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