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The Oils you want for your hair: Review of Matrix Oil Wonders products


When you think of hair, the last thing you want is it to be too oily. However, the right oils used properly can do wonders for your hair and the Matrix Oil Wonders line is just that.

For my hair routine, I try my hardest to look after it, especially since I have it coloured every two to three months, depending on what style I haveReview. I wash my hair every two to three days and always apply some kind of oil onto my ends to keep them feeling soft. After washing, I blow dry my hair and finally either curl or straighten it, putting it through some serious heat.

The new line of Matrix Oil Wonders is comprised of eight products, both at home and in salon products. The collection is infused with Moroccan argan oil to leave hair smooth, sleek and hydrated, which we all need.

After I tried the conditioner from the collection my hair was left feeling hydrated and it was softening without being heavy. An added bonus with the scent, a tropical scent that could only remind you of being on a faraway island sun tanning.

The Egyptian HReviewibiscus Colour Caring Oil gave my hair the ultimate shine, which is difficult to do after having it coloured. Its aim is to restore the hairs vibrancy and prevent the colour from fading, all while leaving it truly soft to the touch. The colour caring oil has a floral scent which comes from the Egyptian Hibiscus oil in it.

The two products I tried from this new collection worked wonders on my hair, especially after recently colouring it. I would suggest the colour caring oil to anyone who colours their hair and for those who don’t there are many other products to choose from in the collection.

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