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Hidden Gems – Holiday Edition

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Ellerman House:

Known for having the most prestigious views in South Africa, Ellerman House is an iconic depiction of the finest wine, cuisine and lodging the country has to offer. Once the private home of a distinguished couple, the Cape Edwardian mansion perches on Lion’s Head in the ultra-luxurious Bantry Bay residential area. A mere ten minutes from the heart of Cape Town, Ellerman House enthralls guests with sprawling vistas and magnificent gardens and verandas.

The property has an intimate 11 rooms, two suites and a private villa, ensuring the quiet and comfort of all guests, even when at full capacity. Ellerman House offers several grand amenities including two lounges, a library, two dining rooms, a spa, main pool, gym, whisky bar and a celebrated art collection.


Over the past three decades the owners of Ellerman House have acquired a spectacular South African art collection. Pieces featured in the gallery and throughout the property span from the turn of the last century to current day works.

Rodeo Drive

The world’s most lavish shopping mecca in Beverly Hills spans three city blocks and has over 100 grand shops and hotels. Truly the epicentre of luxurious design houses and high fashion boutiques, Rodeo Drive promises to astonish and amaze even the most discerning fashionista. An impressive roster of retailers is tucked into facades of impressive architecture that rivals the brand goods hidden under their roofs.

Start your day with mimosas at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel before hitting the golden mile of fashion including Dior, Harry Winston, Valentino and Celine. Browse the season’s latest and greatest collections with incognito celebrities and the who’s who of Hollywood. Rodeo Drive embodies a museum of glamour, fashion and movie stars. The streets are lined with palm trees, flourishing flowers, spectacular cars and divine couture strutting patrons. Even if you don’t visit this prestigious piece of real estate for shopping, you will undoubtedly feel a part of the lifestyle and glamour, simply being there.

Bring Rodeo Drive directly to you. You can shop for all of the designer labels from the comfort of your Jimmy Choo smoking slippers on the Rodeo Drive Resale website. www.shoprdr.com.

Bob Bob Ricard

London’s Bob Bob Ricard restaurant is an eccentric, glamour-fest designed on the loose theme of Orient Express meets American diner. The restaurant is drenched in peacock blue with spectacular gold and silver accents. Mismatched lighting, dramatic curtains, brass rails and wait staff dressed in outrageous baby pink, all add to the theatrical air of the eatery. Intimate booth seating, is complete with bright toasters, laptop connections and a button to press for Champagne.

The menu is composed of luxury English and Russian dishes. Each dish is masterly crafted, all appearing to be more reminiscent of colourful sculpture then food. The restaurant has the best value for fine wine and Champagne in the entire United Kingdom. Order some caviar by Petrossian of Paris and let your finger keep pushing that sweet call button for a glass of Champagne.

Petrossian of Paris Caviar

In 1920 two Russian brothers living in Paris enjoyed all of the lavish wonders of the city with the exception of fine Russian caviar. They began importing caviar to the Ritz in Paris, and ignited the countries love for the delicacy along with their own sophisticated brand. Petrossian of Paris Caviar is offered exclusively in the UK at Bob Bob Ricard.

FROM inside the Holiday 2013 issue of NICHE


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