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Beauty reMARKS – The Red Lip


Envision a woman walking into a room. She captures the eye and attention of every person she passes. There’s a distinctive aura about this woman, a classic confidence that is truly admirable. Stop admiring and start creating. Find this confidence within, whether it is sophisticated siren or vamp vixen, fiery red lipstick is just the right light to ignite and begin. With many different tones, techniques and tries, there is a foolproof way to recreate this timeless finish. Oui Oui!

A luxurious red lip makes a statement and should be worn with confidence and awareness. To create this statement properly, you must begin by taking care of the precious pout, keep hydrated and exfoliated. A light exfoliant won’t hurt your lips, but will help keep them smooth and luscious.

Tip from the Pros A soft toothbrush (clean) works wonders as an exfoliating device. Carefully brush the surface of your lips with the bristles on the brush and VOILA, silky smooth.

From daytime to evenings out, follow along with a few easy steps, to discover the “little black dress” of makeup. Firstly find a waterproof or long lasting lip liner, this will assist in the longevity of your statement lip. The lip liner should commence on the cupids bow of your lips, keep this process smooth and sumptuous. Work through the lining process with soft feathery strokes, filling in the entire lip line without missing your corners (no 1990’s lip is needed). Once you’ve finished lining, gently and evenly spread your lip liner across the pout, from top to bottom filling the lip in, this ensures that there will be no harsh lip line leftover at the end of your day. If you have a lip brush, make use of it now (PLEASE and THANK YOU) for the application of your next step: lipstick.

The lipstick shade chosen will be the make or breaker factor for the decided diva look. Choose a colour that works for you. The natural warmth of red allows for most fair to medium skin tones to choose a cooler colour, typically with blue undertones.  Although if the gods have blessed you with darker skin, find a red with an orangey under tone. Discovering the appropriate colour to match the mood will also brighten your teeth and keep your luscious lips in check.

Perfect the pout.

Now that you have prepped, primed and refined your lips, there’s just one final step to perfection: blotting with a tissue. Fold a tissue in half and smack your lips, thus removing the unnecessary top access layer of lipstick.

Pair the chosen lipstick application, whether it be vamp vixen or sophisticated siren, with a basic mascara application, smoky eye or a dewy glisten through the soft application of a champagne eye shadow. An easy way to choose the eye is to complete your foundation and statement lip application first, then decide which direction to take the eye from there.

Classic confidence now belongs to you! Take it and run, or strut through any occasion grabbing eyes and admiration as you go.

FROM inside our Holiday 2013 issue of NICHE


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