The 24 GOOD DEEDS Charity Advent Calendar was founded in Germany in 2011 as a unique take on a traditional Advent Calendar featuring a good deed behind every door. With as little as $24, you support 24 different charities that are carefully selected from around the world and locally within Canada, all dedicated to the overall mission of doing good with a focus on social issues like healthcare, nutrition, the environment, education and more.  

The Canadian edition was founded by Ute Shaw, who reached out to the founder, Sebastian Wehkamp, after she received the calendar as a gift from her daughter and realizing that there was nothing like it in Canada where she lives. Struck by the possibilities of being able to give back while educating in a fun and interactive way about various organizations that are doing good, Ute set out to create the first-ever Canadian edition, which will include 11 Canadian organizations. 

In Germany, 24 Good Deeds has to date raised the equivalent of over $4 million CAD, supporting 216 projects in 57 countries. According to Canadian founder, Ute Shaw, “This calendar can help make a difference and has even more importance this year as so many charities are struggling to raise enough funds to continue their incredible work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

The Canadian Charities participating in the 2020 Canada edition are; Breakfast Club of Canada, Dare to Care, Sarvac, Wilderness International, Spirit North, Second Harvest, Hope Air, Heart & Stroke Foundation, Indspire, Dog Guides Canada, and Sick Kids Foundation. 

According to Lisa Wells, charity partner and founder of Dare to Care, “This is such an amazing way to get the word out about our mission to equip and mobilize youth to stand up against bullying. We love how accessible it is and that we can reach more Canadians with the help of the Advent Calendar. “ 

Donations will also go to selected international organizations focused on a variety of issues, including malaria prevention, poverty, and education, connecting the recipient to people and causes not only here in Canada but around the world. 

24 Good Deeds is proud of its transparency and strict eligibility and reporting requirements, ensuring that every dollar is being directed to the cause and not towards administrative costs. The Canadian 24 Good Deeds Advent Calendar will be available to order online as of October 1, 2020. 


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