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The Diorchids: Dior F/W Couture 2014


Dior’s F/W Couture 2014 show was shown on a circular set with orchids covering the walls by the thousands.

Once again, the house of Dior and its designer Raf Simons has outdone itself. However, this time with something wholly Diordifferent, with a lightness no one could quite explain.

The theme of the show was split into eight, focusing on eight different groups of important times not only in history but fashion history as well. Simons looked to how periods of time influence future periods of time.

DiorAlthough the theme was historical, it was done in a modern way. Simons likes to disrupt the conventions of fashion and runway shows and this show was a true example of that. Instead of having one single runway and models filing behind one another, he chose a circular set with multiple models walking at the same time.  The audience could see the clothes from all different angles, focusing on their intricacies and the purity of their construction.

This purity was emphasized heavily by the lightness of the entire collection and the light embellishment on his pieces.

There was still embellishment to be found on Simons pieces, however, it was done in a simple manner in comparison to some couture shows, creating a truly modern take by having wearable pieces. These pieces emphasized that couture should be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe and worn more than just once.

Some of the historically inspired pieces were: Marie Antoinette inspired pannier dresses, jumpsuits that were influenced by the astronauts of our time, embroidered Edwardian court jackets and even Gatsby inspired twenties flapper dresses. These pieces were done in beautiful colours like pale yellows, creams and pastel blues, adding to the collection’s lightness.

The jackets were done in dark colours as well and some were embroidered. They were both long and short, constructed in many fabrics, appealing to a wide audience. By pairing them with suits, they were the most wearable and coveted pieces of the collection.


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