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Giambattista Valli Couture 2014: The Morning After


The morning after a night out in a Mediterranean seaside town is one of the many feelings Giambattista Valli evoked in his Fall 2014 Haute Couture show.

The scene was set with the show starting off with models in head wraps, sunglasses on and striped dresses, reminiscent ofValli.1 their beau’s pajamas. The show had a seductive feel to it, perhaps due to the models wearing sunglasses, perhaps due to the feel of waking up next to someone.

As the striped pieces passed by, the next image Valli painted was: a beautiful flower garden in the morning sun. These flowers could be seen scattered across the dresses he sent down the runway. Poppies, roses and wisterias, were placed on airy tulle dresses like oil paintings. Some flowers had been done in sequins, giving a pixilated effect to them.

Finally the show’s finale was very “Valli,” with extravagant full skirts paired with simple tops, a serious juxtaposition between the two. Some of the tops were pajama shirts with piping on them, suggestive of Old Hollywood. These full skirts made of feathers or tulle, could only remind you of eating gelato in Italy on a late summer night.

The reason Valli’s show was such a success was because he catered to not just one woman but many. Although a couture show may not be wearable to some, the way Valli executes his works is like no other designer; making sure there are wearable pieces throughout his collections. This can be seen in his pencil skirts that hit below the knee, truly elegant and mature in style. These skirts were paired with many different tops, giving women different ideas on what to wear with them.  For those who wanted a show-stopping look though, they could easily look to the sublime and feather like full skirts he finished the show with.

The entire feel of the runway was that of wanderlust, to fulfill ones dreams of traveling through fashion.


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