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Galliano Finds a New Home – and Fits Right In!


After a short break, Designer guru, John Galliano returns as Creative Director for Maison Martin Margiela. The fashion MARC0037house is known for extreme structure and proportions as well as playing with deconstruction which seems to be the perfect matching with Galliano after viewing his debut collection for spring couture 2015. Bringing his dramatic esthetic and theatrical essence to the house of Margiela was exactly what everyone was looking forward too. British fashion designer, Galliano has an extensive resume in the industry including his unforgettable work with Givenchy and Dior and the breathtaking haute couture shows for both houses.

Artisanal attributes to a true poetic show, Galliano pushed the current couture envelope with elaborate detailing and unique finishes. A show-girl vibe elevated with leopard print accents and metal-like fringe. Re-purposing scraps of fabric, toy soldiers, safety pins and bird figurines, the collection was most definitely bold while using the Margiela vocabulary. Reference to Galliano’s retro-tinged glam with theatrical whimsical traits showcased the playful and upcycling nature of the house of Maison Martin Margiela. Bow-tie neckties, bustiers, lace and tulle – the collection was a theatrical journey of the retro beauty queen of the sea.



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