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Peter Dundas Shoots For the Stars – His Last Collection For Pucci


Creative Director, Peter Dundas showed his last collection for infamous fashion house, Pucci at Milan Fashion Week for the fall 2015 _MON0626showing. With a pure love for rock and roll influences and dressing women sexy in a way no other designer can compare, Dundas showcased one great last collection for the house. The pieces in the collection hit home for Dundas as colours and textures were representations of different elements within his childhood. Making things more personal, Dundas revealed the astrology inspiration which was the forefront attribute of prints and embroidery on the garments.

Through delicate embelishments and prints on sweaterdresses, Dundas spoke for every sign of the skies. Colours and silhouettes seemed to represent the personalities each astrological sign embodies – the fun out-going mini skirt wearer, the powerful velvet palazzo pant determination driven, the mixing of soft delicate dresses with heavy statement coats of multiple personalities and the head-turner red chiffon floor length gown. Ending the show with a finale of his favourite threegigi-hadid models rockin’ outfits with their own zodiac signs, Dundas said farewell as he took Pucci to new heights and shot for the starts.


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