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Get the Look: Models Off Duty


The supermodels of the 90’s have given way to the supermodels of our day, but for different reasons. The models we look to for our fashion inspiration now are seen everywhere, through social media, specifically caught on street style blogs in their off duty looks.

This style is highly coveted, because let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to look like a fashion model if they could?Model

Through fashion weeks in the major fashion capitals of the world, models are chameleons, forever changing their looks depending on the show. When going from show to show they are able to stand out in the subtlest way possible though. They have perfected the balance between slouchy and tailored, by effortlessly dressing.

Everything in the off duty look is chic, in a disheveled way. It typically involves a leather bomber jacket, super skinny jeans, a slouchy tee and chic handbag. The look is a head to toe look, even their hair is something everyone wants to emulate. They have that lived in, morning after hair that is so cool, it takes hours for everyone but these models to achieve.

If you’re looking for a new look for the upcoming season; here’s what the supermodels will be sporting before and after the shows at fashion week this September.

To achieve that je ne sais quoi look, be ready to layer. Always go for a leather jacket, no matter what your outfit is. Depending on what you’re feeling that day, reach for a denim shirt undone and layered over a tank, or a slouchy band tee for an effortlessly cool look. Next for the models go to is a skinny jean, whether black or indigo.  However, if you’re feeling a bit bolder than this monochromatic uniform, reach for a statement colour to spice up your outfit, or a maxi skirt. For accessories, after walking in so many shows and high heels for days, models usually look to comfortable, fun sneakers or motorcycle boots to finish off the look. As for a bag, they definitely need something to fit all their stuff from show to show, so a large chic shopper is the best choice. If it’s a cold day, grab a beanie or fedora to top the look off.

No matter what your style is, look to model’s style this fall for a trendy and comfortable go to look.




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