The Right Pose


By Chelsea Forman, Associate Editor

An interview with Sara Rose, NICHE Beauty Columnist & Jamie Mann, noted Fashion Photographer

I am the least photogenic person in the whole wide world, really there is no debate – I often don’t even recognize myself in photos.   With NICHE magazines upcoming very glamorous Inspiration Ball, comes a red carpet – and as we all know, with red carpets come cameras.  I don’t like having my picture taken, and the thought of trying to figure out ‘the right pose’ on my own would inevitably turn into some ridiculous event of taking comedic pictures with my dog, Payton.

I thought this may be the perfect time to explore the act of being camera fierce, not just for me, but for all of our red carpet guests, and who better to ask then NICHE beauty columnist, Sara Rose and Fashion photographer, Jamie Mann.

Q. Why do women tilt their heads in photos? Is this to make hair look longer?

A. That’s a given. If you don’t have a weave in, tilt your head back & fourth… it extends your neck too (just like Tyra says).

Q. What is the purpose in pouting lips?

A. To hallow out your cheekbones and to give cutsie kisses to the camera (aka viewers). *MUAH*

Q. How do I make my chin look more defined?

A. Chin up, chin out, chin down…pout & prep.

Q. What is the point of holding your tongue on the roof of your mouth in pictures?

A. Remember when you were a kid (like yesterday) when you would do the “fish face”? Well how FAB did your cheek bones look?! So basically tongue to the roof & breathing in at the same time aids in hollowing out your cheekbones. BORN MODEL!

Q. Should certain body types stand a certain way?

A. 100%, for sure. Work what your momma gave you. You have too feel good with what you’ve got.

Q. Why do people take selfies of themselves?

A. Because when feeling fabulous and looking chic you want to share it with the WORLD. When you don’t have the time to hire a team, you might as well do it yourself…thank you social media!

Q. What is the point of putting your hand on your hip?

A. Creating curves and automatically positioning your body for question 5.

Q. Do you have any other general tips?

A. To create a successful selfie, make sure your surroundings are not a cluster, it will distract from the purpose of your true beauty (ie. a cluttered room, full of clothing from making ensemble decisions) & remember to look for the light, standing by a window can create a fabulous luster on your skin. We are not all super models but why not pretend to be?  Start with the selfies and see what comes from that. Pose, Click & Post! Xo <3

Naturally I needed to put Jamie and Sara’s tips to test! The dynamic duo put me through the paces at Mann’s studio in Gastown, Vancouver.  The beautiful space boasts a variety of the brilliant photographer’s work, which was a little intimidating going in as the virgin of all camera virgins.  Take a look at the album below for a play by play of my lesson!

Jamie and Sara have kindly donated to the NICHE charitable Inspiration Ball.  Buy your ticket today for your chance to bid on this incredible package, the top bidder will receive an entire NICHE experience including a photo shoot with Jamie and Sara that will be featured in our Fall issue!


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