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Indigo Turtles Project Going Strong Uniting Sea Turtles with the Sea

The Indigo Turtles Project, now in its 8th year, is part of Mavi’s global efforts towards creating a better and greener Earth


Global denim lifestyle brand Mavi is excited to celebrate eight years of continued support of the Indigo Turtles Project in conjunction with the Ecological Research Society (EKAD), helping to protect endangered sea turtles. The project’s aim is to protect Caretta caretta and Chelonia mydas, two species of sea turtles native to the Mediterranean that have navigated the earth for 110 million years.

EKAD, which focuses its activities in Belek, Turkey, the largest nesting area in the Mediterranean, has helped over 1 million Caretta caretta make it to the sea in over two decades. The number of nests, which was only 500 when the activities started in the region, reached 3,200 last year. Facing many difficulties including natural and human-related activities, only 40% of hatching turtles reach the water and only one in one thousand survive. Mavi is proud to give back to their community and be involved in a project that helps sea turtles in their challenging journey to reach the sea. Additionally, the Indigo Turtles Project brings attention to EKAD’s dedicated research and promotes the importance of volunteering.

Each year, in the brand’s continued efforts to protect the species in their natural habitat, Mavi designs and sells exclusive t-shirts to support the EKAD’s conservation efforts. Available now, in celebration of the start of the nesting season for the sea turtles, this year’s t-shirt will include tie-dye sea turtle imagery along with the phrase “save the indigo turtles.” The men’s t-shirt features a blue tie-dye graphic while the women’s t-shirt features a blue and green tie-dye graphic. For every t-shirt sold at $28 CAD a piece, five baby sea turtles are adopted and Mavi makes a contribution to the natural habitat of the Mediterranean Sea.

Cüneyt Yavuz, CEO of Mavi said, “Mavi is very grateful to continue this ongoing relationship with EKAD. Every year, we launch the special edition t-shirts during this time to align with the hatching of the turtles and bring awareness to this project and the endangerment of sea turtles. Now, more than ever, the environment needs our help, and we’re glad we can do our part with the Indigo Turtles Project as well as Mavi’s expanding All Blue collection.”

2021 Indigo Turtles t-shirts are available for men and women on ca.mavi.com and Canadian Mavi retail stores starting on July 19, 2021.


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