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Beauty reMARKS – Hydration


Welcome winter with open arms and comfortable skin. The temperatures are dropping, indoor heaters are being turned up, and warm wool is the cozy covering of choice. We often forget that as the seasons change, our skin care regime needs to change also. For instance, did you know that summer skin systems can hinder moisture recovery in the dry winter months? It’s true!

Unfortunately, most of us begin our day with some seriously dehydrating indulgences. Sipping on a morning coffee before taking a lengthy and steamy shower may sound luxurious, but what it’s really doing is stripping moisture and lustre from your skin. Instead, try a cooler shower for a shorter period of time – your skin will thank you for it! The combination of hot water and soap does remove dirt, but also breaks the moisture barrier down. Watch for telltale signs of dehydration when you step out of the shower such as shrivelled “pruned” fingers or a red skin tone. Once your shower is done, don’t towel off aggressively – this is not the time for exfoliation. Have your moisturizers and serum close at hand, pat dry (leaving a little dampness behind), and begin gently massaging your lotion into your still-open pores to lock in moisture.


The experts battle back on forth as to whether water really improves the look and overall health of your skin. At the very least, know these two facts.

  1.   Your skin is an organ, and is made up of cells. Skin cells, like any other cell in the body, are made up of water. Without water, your organs cannot function optimally.
  2.   When you’re dehydrated, your skin becomes dry, flaky and tight looking. Dry skin has reduced resilience and is more prone to wrinkles.
Common Sense for Winter Skincare 
  1.  Increase daily water intake and make use of luscious skin soothing serums. Drinking water is much like indulging in the fountain of youth. Water not only quenches your thirst, it also hydrates your body from the inside out. The recommended daily intake of water is eight glasses or one gallon. This may seem overwhelming or simply not possible, but, alas, there are ways of substitution.
  2.   Instead of sipping on dehydrating coffee, why not try herbal tea or hot water with fresh lemon?
  3.   Pay attention to your fruit and vegetable intake, both food groups are wonderful sources of hydration.
  4.   For the most part, thicker ‘extra hydrating’ moisturizers sit on top of the skin, trapping in the dead cells, which doesn’t reduce dryness, it only increases skin dullness. Making daily use of a serum beneath the moisturizer offers extra absorption and brilliance to your skin.

By Sara Rose INSIDE the Winter 2014 issue of NICHE


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