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Rushed Beauty at Vera Wang


Vera Wang In the real world, we are creatures of time and it seems never enough. The Vera Wang runway show seemed to made an updo ode to that. Call it alternative-grunge in a chic platform, knots were slightly unkempt and baby bangs wind swept. It might as well be the new bed head. Paul Hanlon, Master stylist for Bumble and Bumble, wanted to create a more masculine effect to compliment the androgynous mood of the fashion. He gave hair texture by spraying and rough drying Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray on his hands for a smooth yet slightly unrefined finish. He then curled the top section of the hair to create a little bit of a messy volume then pulled hair back into a low ponytail. He added softness to the whole look by styling baby, broken, tiny hairs across the forehead and put in place with a mix of clay and wax. He then split the ponytail into two sections, rolled each side up tying it with an elastic and secured it with a pin to make hair look like it has been slept in.


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