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Gilded Angels in Cascading Waves


photo 2 (6)We are in the midst of experiencing the sudden blast of winter but that shouldn’t stop you from having great hair day. The cold weather definitely didn’t stop the models from the Victoria Secret Fashion Show to look oh so HOT! Get the look directly from backstage by applying Victoria’s Secret Mega-Lift Mousse (Victoria Secret, $14) on damp hair, blow dry then with a 1-inch barrel ghd Curve Classic Curl Iron (Sephora.com, $295), curl hair mid-length to the ends. Then divide hair in large sections and put them up in rollers. Leave for however long you want (we suggest the longer the better!) As soon as you undo the rollers, run fingers through hair to soften locks. Add a healthy shine by spraying Victoria Secret Hair High-Shine Serum  (Victoria Secret, $14) There you have it – sexy, wearable hair that glows even on the coldest of days! 

Watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show tonight at 7pm on Global.


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