We at Welligogs are very excited to introduce our all new environmentally friendly activewear made of recycled plastic bottles. By using recycled materials, we are producing clothes with a smarter, eco-friendly design and using plastics that would otherwise clog landfills and threaten wildlife. Fitness fans will be taking a step forward to a more sustainable way of buying clothes and working out. 

The range will largely consist of hand painted designs that are familiar with WG lovers. Our Laura Rose Design is reminiscent of the Laura wellies, and the endearing Original Paw Print design, yes you guessed it, will be taken from our much loved Original Paw Print wellies. New designs have also been included in the WG Flex range. 

Why this range over any other? The Welligogs Flex range is designed to be sustainable, lightweight and functional. Manufactured using premium recycled polyester fabric, these custom leggings are made with up to 10 recycled plastic bottles. Our custom bra tops are made with our exclusive 240gsm fabric, made from 83% recycled polyester and 17% elastane for the ultimate fit. Designed for all scenarios and work out types, these recycled bra tops can be worn either as an underlayer or outer layer and have removable bra pads. 

Most companies will use virgin polyester in clothes production, but we at Welligogs aim to close the loop between production of polyester and recycled fabrics. This oil-based plastic does not biodegrade efficiently and can clog up landfills for decades if not hundreds of years. By recycling plastic bottles into fabrics, we use approximately 30% less energy as it reduces the need for primary extraction of crude oil and reduces amounts that are disposed of in landfills. 

It’s not all doom and gloom though, as this new range is taking a step towards redefining activewear and reclaiming the plastic that’s clogging our oceans. We will soon be offering Filter bags to go with each piece of activewear. When machine washing, these synthetic materials break down into tiny microfibres that get flushed away into the ocean and are consumed by various sea animals; a filter bag traps these microfibres helping protect our oceans and aquatic life. 

Welligogs is a British designed, family run company and prioritises locally sourced materials. Our range is designed to be beautiful, wearable and unique. Not only is everything made with painstaking attention to detail, but we think it’s important to promote sustainable raw materials such as wool, cotton, linen or other fabrics, and we do everything we can to give back to our wonderful planet. We also aim to source materials locally to ensure that we are supporting local communities and businesses. 


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