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Modern Picnic Releasing Customizable Lunchers with Your Pets on it!


The coolest alternative lunch box brand, Modern Picnic has launched a limited edition lunchbox’s with your cat or dog hand drawn on each exclusively on their website ModernPicnic.com.

The Pet Collection launched specially for National Pet Day on Sunday, April 11th! In order to receive one of these extra special lunchboxes, upload a clear and unobstructed picture of your cats and dogs to have them featured on your lunchbox.  Founder, Ali Kaminetsky wanted to bring some joy to this past year, “with 2020 being such a tough year, we were brainstorming ways we could put a smile on people’s faces. We thought what a better way than to integrate our fluffy best friends that have really been with us through quarantine. With National Pet Day, as a team we felt this was the perfect time to launch a limited-edition capsule collection.”

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