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Beauty [re]Marks – Perfectly Polished Pedicure


Beautiful B.C. weather is making its comeback. It’s time to bring out the caches of colourful clothing and flip-flops. We are all aware that spending eight months of dreary winter

weather in woollies and tight boots can do some serious damage, not only to our sun-shining souls but to our feet. With our feet being such a huge part of how we walk through this life of ours, they need to be pampered. Whether tootsie time happens once a month or once a day, there are some great ways to have perfected, polished feet.

For year-round refreshing, stay on top of the tootsies with a few daily doses of attention. If you’ve ever had that irritating housemate who takes those extra-long morning showers, don’t judge them. They are probably going about things the right way. Try to make use of mornings wisely. Showers are a great way to soften up the skin and the ideal time to bring out the pumice stone.

Pumice stones work by removing most, if not all, unwanted dead skin. Depending on the state of your feet, think of it like a sander. Just make sure the pumice stone is being used to the point of smoothness, but not irritation. While using the pumice stone, pay close attention to the heel and ball regions of your feet. These regions are most affected by day-to-day walking wear. Finish off with an exfoliating rub, which will help rinse away the sloughed-off skin and get rid of any fine skin that may be left behind. Just as it is vital to keep your face moisturized, it is important to keep the rest of your body, including your feet, conditioned. Be it pre-bedtime or post-shower time, lather up from head, shoulders, knees and toes. It all makes a little more sense now, doesn’t it?

Besides a healthy daily dose of self-love, give in to at least bi- weekly DIY or monthly spa-indulged pedicures. Soak, trim, polish — pedicure perfection! Much like the morning shower, soaking is critical. Using a clean, flat bucket or bath, pour in some bath salts or oils. Let feet soak for about 10 minutes, softening up the skin and cuticles, and allowing the release of dirt that has built up over time.

So, let’s get real for a second! The claws of life (your toenails) are not becoming on a woman. Trim down the talons, with either nail scissors or trimmers. Whether they are rounded or squared, this detail is a personal preference, but trim close to the natural topline of the toes. While paying close attention to trimming, push back and then remove the cuticles. Doing this step reveals more of the toenail, making for a cleaner, more level surface to polish. Moving on to the actual foot, similar to shower time, remove any unwanted dead skin. Pumice for perfection. Settle down by drying your feet completely and massaging in some moisturizer. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

While the moisturizer works its magic, take to the base and prep your toenails for polishing. Painting on a base coat is important to keep nails from turning yellow, as well as providing something for the lacquer to stick to. Pick your polish and paint. We all might not be Picasso, but practice will make perfect. Realize that less is more, and starting from the centre of the nail, working outwards is a great way to begin. Wait a few minutes to let the polish dry and finish up with a top coat. Keep seated and let the polish dry until your toenails are smooth to the touch. Polished to perfection, you’re ready to strut the sun-warmed sand.

By Sara Rose inside the 2014 Inspiration issue 


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